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 'Terrorist training video’ in Blackburn park: Jury told trio prepared for jihad

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PostSubject: 'Terrorist training video’ in Blackburn park: Jury told trio prepared for jihad   Wed Feb 24, 2010 5:24 am


Rolling around in a quiet park, two men are filmed carrying out what is alleged to be terror training for a deadly jihad.
other shots, a man poses with a machete and the other a rifle while the
pair are dressed in combat gear with camouflage paint smeared on their
The video footage was yesterday shown to a jury at
the trial of Ilyas Iqbal, brother Abbas and Muhammed Ali Ahmad who are
accused of plotting terror.

Calling themselves “The ­“Blackburn Resistance, the trio were also
pictured firing weapons in a back yard while shouting “Allah Akbar” –
God is great.
In the video, Iqbal, 23, and 26-year-old Ahmad
are seen shuffling through woodland on their fronts in daylight on a
military-style exercise known as leopard crawling.
The pair are also seen rushing across a pathway.
Abbas Iqbal, 24, is alleged to have filmed the manoeuvres at Corporation Park in Blackburn, Lancs.
All three are accused of being “intoxicated by the evil of terrorism” as they allegedly prepare to unleash their jihad.

Manchester crown court heard the video was al-Qaeda-style propaganda to be distributed abroad.
is introduced by a voice stating: “They are fighting against
oppression, they are The Blackburn Resistance.” In the background,
someone chants in a foreign tongue: “I am the armour for those who
believe in the unity of Allah. I am the fire against the aggressor. I
am the machine-gun against the one who starts fighting.
“I am the one whose sun is shining. Over my day and my pride.”
The Iqbal family home in Blackburn was later extensively searched by anti-terror police.
discovered a camcorder video tape, which showed Abbas Iqbal holding a
young boy and raising a machete over his head, the court heard.
Prosecutor Edward Brown QC told the jury that was “a joke”.
Iqbal brothers and Ahmad – a white Muslim also from Blackburn – deny
preparing for acts of terrorism between April 30, 2006 and August 14,
Abbas Iqbal also pleads not guilty to disseminating
terrorist publications and possessing ­documents likely to be useful to
a terrorist.
Ilyas Iqbal denies possessing documents likely to be useful to a terrorist.
The trial continues.

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PostSubject: Re: 'Terrorist training video’ in Blackburn park: Jury told trio prepared for jihad   Wed Feb 24, 2010 5:32 am

I saw the vid on Sky News last night mate ...

Thats the park where I take the girls to feed the ducks

To be fair though, they didn't look very scary or professional did they? They looked like a couple of school kids playing army at dinner time LOL

Blackburn Resistance my arse ...

Its like something out of a slapstick comedy. Talk about not bringing attention to yourself ... lets dress up like Bin Laden and fire guns in our OWN backyard! Terraced houses, nobody will see us right?

Talk about shitting in your own back garden

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'Terrorist training video’ in Blackburn park: Jury told trio prepared for jihad
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