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 Man, 64, 'Tormented To Death' By Yobs

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PostSubject: Man, 64, 'Tormented To Death' By Yobs   Thu Mar 11, 2010 8:42 am

A 64-year-old man with learning difficulties was "tormented to death" by yobs who hounded him for a decade, neighbours have claimed.

David Askew was found dead outside his home in Hattersley, Greater Manchester, by police who had been sent to the address.

The man's family had called 999 because yobs were causing an "annoyance", but by the time officers arrived the youths had fled.

Sky's North of England correspondent Michelle May, who was reporting from the scene, said Mr Askew was well known in the area because of the problems he had had with youths.

"This culminated with a group of youths - we don't know how many or what age they were - they had a confrontation with him outside," she said.

"It started with him at an upstairs window, he eventually ended up coming out on to his back garden.

"Sometime around half-nine he collapsed. Police said they don't believe he suffered any injuries, but it does seem he may have died of a heart attack or stroke."

A post mortem is due to take place later.

Neighbours angry at the death have also hit out at authorities for failing to stop the "hoodies" from harassing his family.

"This has been going on for about 10 years," said Avona Davies, a 49-year-old shop worker.

"David had learning difficulties and I think that is why they tormented him because he would scream out of the window at them.

"We have complained to the police and council and they put cameras in their back garden about three years ago

"They tormented David for money and cigarettes. They harassed him every night without fail."

She added the yobs were "about 18 or 19 years old".

Chief Superintendent Zoe Hamilton defended the force's involvement with the family, which includes Mr Askew's brother Brian and mother Rose, who is wheelchair-bound.

The officer said her team had "been in daily contact" with them to "address the problems they have been having".

She also revealed some of the local yobs have Asbos for harassing the victim, who had also recently suffered a "particular spate" of attacks.

In 2007, the local council even arranged for CCTV to be installed to monitor Mr Askew's rear garden

"It's a sad fact that if people are different in a community sometimes they end up being targeted," Chief Supt Hamilton added.

Mrs Davies said neighbours had stopped complaining for about a year "because nothing gets done".

She added: "For the past two or three weeks the harassment has moved to the front of the house, which never usually happened.

"Sometimes it would be two of them, others it would be six kids or a big gang.

"David would throw money and cigarettes into our garden to get rid of them but they would always go back. That's why they did it."

An investigation into the circumstances surrounding Mr Askew's death has been launched

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PostSubject: Re: Man, 64, 'Tormented To Death' By Yobs   Thu Mar 11, 2010 9:03 am

The Police force has just had its knuckles rapped over failure to investigate or follow-up such anti social cases.

Has respect died and been replaced by cruel intentions?
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Man, 64, 'Tormented To Death' By Yobs
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