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 Girl, Six, Sexually Abused By 23 Classmates

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PostSubject: Girl, Six, Sexually Abused By 23 Classmates   Thu Apr 01, 2010 12:41 pm

A six-year-old girl was stripped and sexually abused by 23 classmates on a daily basis, it has emerged.

The unnamed child suffered the horrific ordeal at the hands of pupils the same age as her at her primary school in Wales for months.

Her mother has spoken of her shock and horror when her daughter confided in her.

She said: "She was telling me things that I think every mother dreads to hear from their daughter. It was horrendous what she'd gone through.

"Every day she was being stripped. Every day she was being sexually and physically abused and every day she cried out for help and nobody ever came."

She added: "I think that you cannot excuse that. How can you possibly say that that is okay and nobody is answerable for that?"

The child has since been moved to a new school but her mother told the BBC she will be scarred for life by the abuse she suffered.

An official inquiry into the abuse accepted sexually harmful behaviour did take place - but it concluded no action could be taken against those responsible because they were too young.

The ages of the pupils made it near-impossible to gather proof of what had happened and all were under the age of criminality.

Keith Towler, children's commissioner for Wales, called the review "a shocking failure", adding: "The bottom line is the family will never know what happened to their child."

He also acknowledged the serious case review system was "failing some of the most vulnerable children".

The review was only launched by the unnamed local authority when the victim's mother took legal action.

The conclusions of the review have been published two years after the allegations were first made and a review of that inquiry process itself is now under way.

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PostSubject: Re: Girl, Six, Sexually Abused By 23 Classmates   Fri Apr 02, 2010 3:50 am

What? This can't be right ...

23 boys? Thats basically the entire year of a primary school, if not more.
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PostSubject: Re: Girl, Six, Sexually Abused By 23 Classmates   Wed Apr 21, 2010 1:59 pm


what kind of a sick twisted pissing world do we live in i often think i have been cruel and selfish to have my girls .... to bring them in to this nasty place

shocking dont know what else to say
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PostSubject: Re: Girl, Six, Sexually Abused By 23 Classmates   Wed Apr 21, 2010 6:07 pm

I really can't believe that 23 kids, all at the age of approximately 6, would suddenly get the idea to rape and sexually abuse a young girl. I'd be willing to bet that someone else was at least partially responsible for their acts, as in someone else incited them to do it.  I mean at 6 years old, I would think most kids would be more interested in playing videogames, watching TV or playing football (or some other sport/game) in the yard. Sure I could see the odd kid being messed up a bit and cause a problem, but 23? Not a chance. Though something seems really fishy to me because where were the teachers and the principle and all the authorities? How did it happen that 23 kids could rape a girl for months with no one knowing anything was going on?  Surely at some point someone would of had to have noticed something was amiss. Either kids collecting in areas they shouldn't be or hanging around long after school was over or something like that. I have a hard time believing that 23 kids are that well organized and can keep a secret like that. (This is another reason why I suspect outside interference.)
And as for the kids... Yeah the kids are young, so no penalties for them but still... that girl is going to have a lot of troubles later on. So at the very least I'd think those kids (or their parents anyway) and the school officials could pitch in and pay for her therapy. She will probably need it at some point.
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PostSubject: Re: Girl, Six, Sexually Abused By 23 Classmates   

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Girl, Six, Sexually Abused By 23 Classmates
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