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 The Event - NBC

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PostSubject: The Event - NBC   Fri Jul 30, 2010 4:31 pm

Premiers Sept 20th...

Hollywood Insider:

"NBC execs today attempted to shoot down any skepticism over whether NBC’s new drama The Event
will leave viewers more confused than satisfied. Considering what
happened last year with high-concept shows like ABC’s short-lived drama FlashForward, “we are going to do everything in our power to guard against (what happened with) Flashforward,”
NBC entertainment topper Angela Bromstad told TV journalists today in
Beverly Hills. “That show had a great script, a really good pilot and we
were afraid of it competitively. I understand it did disappoint the
audience. We take those lessons really seriously. The audience and
critics will be rightly skeptical.
“If we can get this show right, even though the risks are tremendous, the rewards are really great,” Bromstad continued.
The Event, which bows Sept. 20, stars Blair Underwood, Jason
Ritter, and Laura Innes and has been described by executive
producers Nick Wauters (The 4400) and Evan Katz (24) as a conspiracy thriller in the vein of 24.
The pilot ends with a shock-and-awe moment that suggests the drama will
feature some science-fiction elements. The serialized show kicks off
with a government conspiracy, a kidnapping, and an assassination

I know of 1 fella in particular that will love this....
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The Event - NBC
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