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 Americas best/worst serial killer.

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PostSubject: Americas best/worst serial killer.   Sun Dec 19, 2010 10:07 am

Police in Los Angeles are trying to trace dozens of women as part of an investigation into a suspected serial killer who terrorised the city for over 20 years

Mechanic Lonnie Franklin, 58, is suspected of being the "Grim Sleeper" serial killer, so-called because of a 14-year gap in his alleged crime spree.

He is accused of killing 10 people in total.

Police have now released 180 images taken from a collection of photographs and movies found in his home.

They believe the stash of pictures and films, may lead them to more bodies

"Lonnie Franklin's reign of terror in the city of Los Angeles spanned well over two decades," said LAPD Police Chief Charles Beck.

"We certainly do not believe that we are so lucky or so good as to know all his victims."

Such was the level of interest in the appeal, the LAPD's website temporarily crashed as people tried to view the gallery.

A spokesman said the information hotline has been "deluged" with hundreds of calls, including several women who claimed to be in the pictures.

He also told the Los Angeles Times newspaper that the decision to release the photos was "agonising".

Lonnie Franklin was arrested after police used the controversial practice of familial DNA testing.

A saliva sample taken from one of the victims was partially matched to a DNA sample from Christopher Franklin who had been arrested for an unrelated gun offence.

Police turned their attention to his male relatives: a sample taken from a pizza crust which had been partially eaten by his father proved to be a match.

Most of the women known to have been targeted by the "Grim Sleeper" were prostitutes or drug users living in south Los Angeles.

They had been sexually assaulted then stabbed or shot.

Franklin will appear in court again in the New Year, as the prosecution seeks the death penalty. He denies murder

Oh, he was married to a devout church going woman too, dunno what that says though... wink
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PostSubject: Re: Americas best/worst serial killer.   Sun Dec 19, 2010 12:24 pm

Which ever way he goes , if guilty then he should pay the full price. If he committed the murders then he knew what was at risk if caught.
Or could well have been through sexual frustration !
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Americas best/worst serial killer.
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