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 British and American Forces Are In Action Over Libya..

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PostSubject: British and American Forces Are In Action Over Libya..   Sat Mar 19, 2011 4:35 pm

What about Zimbabwe, Congo, Somalia, Darfur etc..?
No money in it obviously..!

Why not go tell Russia, North Korea and China if they don't behave we'll take action..?
It's fuckin bullying of little countries we know we can beat and have absolutely NO RIGHT in doing so...!
I'm ashamed to be British at times, i really am..

British forces are in action over Libya, Prime Minister David Cameron has confirmed, as UN allies begin military strikes on the country in earnest.

The co-ordinated action was launched against the Libya after leader Muammar Gaddafi apparently defied the UN's demand that he stop attacking his own people.

Speaking outside 10 Downing Street after an emergency Cobra meeting, Mr Cameron said the action being taken by international forces was "necessary, legal and right".

Mr Cameron said his thoughts were with British service personnel who were risking their lives to save others.

And he said: "I believe we should all be confident that what we are doing is in a just cause and in our nation's interest."

President Barack Obama has also spoken about the conflict, saying the US would not be deploying troops on the ground.

Military forces have so far taken to the air and water to attack Libya, as the severity of the situation rapidly escalates.

French warplanes are patrolling Libyan skies and have fired on pro-Gaddafi vehicles.

Coalition vessels have also fired 110 Tomahawk missiles at Libya's air defences, and British ships are also involved in a naval blockade of the country, sources have told Sky News.

Loud blasts have been heard east of the capital Tripoli and fireballs were reportedly seen on the horizon.

Meanwhile, Libyan state television reported the bombardment of civilian sites in Tripoli, by the planes of "crusader enemies" - a reference to the West. Buildings hit so far have included two hospitals, the reports said.

The initiation of military action was revealed by Western leaders, following a summit in Paris to decide how to deal with what they said was the dictator's breach of a self-imposed ceasefire.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy said after the meeting that military force would be used "in the absence of an immediate ceasefire" because "the Libyan people need our help."

Reports suggested Libyan forces intended to deploy 'human shields' to thwart any UN-backed bombing campaign.

As military forces swung into action, the International Red Cross called on all sides to spare civilians and respect international law as military action began, and said medical staff and ambulances should be allowed access to the wounded.

Reports said the rebel stronghold of Benghazi has been attacked by Gaddafi's militia, and the insurgents claim a captured warplane was shot down.

Sky's Lisa Holland, reporting from the Libyan capital of Tripoli under government restrictions, said: "I cannot independently confirm the claim of human shields but if it is true it is a worrying development that shows the regime will stop at nothing."

The rebel pilot of the fighter jet, which may have been shot down or suffered catastrophic engine failure, ejected moments it crashed in a fireball in Benghazi's southern suburbs.

Reading from a letter sent by the dictator to Mr Cameron, Mr Sarkozy and the UN secretary general, he said: "You will regret it if you take a step towards intervening in our internal affairs, in our country.

"The UN security council is not authorised, according to the UN charter, to intervene in the internal affairs of any country."

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PostSubject: Re: British and American Forces Are In Action Over Libya..   Sat Mar 19, 2011 5:04 pm

You said it. No money in the African states. UK cocked up on gaining the Russian iol from chechyna when they asked for our help.

Libya is just another oil reserve to have.
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British and American Forces Are In Action Over Libya..
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