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 Mourinho Tackled In Ramadan Fasting Row

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PostSubject: Mourinho Tackled In Ramadan Fasting Row   Thu Aug 27, 2009 12:08 pm

Inter Milan football coach Jose Mourinho has been criticised by an Italian Muslim leader for suggesting religious fasting marred a player's performance.

Inter midfielder Sulley Muntari was substituted in the first half of his team's 1-1 Serie A draw with Bari on Sunday.

Former Chelsea boss Mourinho said the Ghanaian was possibly lacking
energy because of the fast he is observing for the Muslim holy month of

Millions around the world are abstaining from eating or drinking in
daylight hours during the ninth month in the Islamic calendar
"I think Mourinho could talk a little less," Mohamed Nour Dachan,
president of the Union of the Islamic community and organisations in
Italy, told Sky television.

"A practising (Muslim) player is not weakened because we know from
the Institute of Sports Medicine that mental and psychological
stability can give a sportsman an extra edge on the field.

"A player who believes in Christianity, Judaism or Islam will
definitely have a very calm psychological disposition and it will help
him more."

Speaking after the match, Mourinho had said: "Muntari had some
problems related to Ramadan, perhaps with this heat it's not good for
him to be doing this (fasting)."

He even suggested the player would be dropped for this weekend's crucial Milan derby due to the timing of the match.

Saturday's derby kicks-off at 8.45pm, but with sundown occurring at
just before 8pm, it would not give Muntari much time to rehydrate and
get some energy into his body.

Siena striker Abdelkader Ghezzal, who scored in his team's 2-1
defeat at home to AC Milan at the weekend, revealed he simply cannot
fast and play at the same time.
"I observe the fast during my days off, when there are no games or training," the Algerian said.

"I've always observed Ramadan but I have had to change my habits for
health reasons from the first year that I became a professional."

Udinese's Swiss midfielder Gokhan Inler, a Muslim of Turkish origin,
is another who is not fasting this month, while Genoa's Moroccan
midfielder Houssine Kharja does respect Ramadan.

Both Ghezzal and Inler played 90 minutes at the weekend but Kharja never got off the bench.

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Mourinho Tackled In Ramadan Fasting Row
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