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 Bride And Gloom: Worst Wedding Photos Ever?

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PostSubject: Bride And Gloom: Worst Wedding Photos Ever?   Tue Oct 06, 2009 9:20 am

Pics below.....

A wedding photographer has been ordered to reimburse a couple after
a judge described photos of their big day as "woefully inadequate".

Marc and Sylvia Day paid Gareth Bowers, from Fresh Images, some £1,450 to take pictures of their marriage.

But they were so unimpressed with the 400 snaps he took, only 22 of them were approved.

The cutting of the cake was missed and most of the shots were poorly
lit and crooked, with heads chopped off and guests not looking at the

Mr Day said: "Some of those memories we will never get back again.

"(Mr Bowers) is the Don Quixote of wedding photography - he just doesn't believe that he can't do it."
A video made of the wedding misses the pair arriving and includes a moment where the operator drops his camera - and swears.

"The videographer missed us turning up at the reception so he filmed
the driver opening the car door with nobody inside it," Mrs Day, 50,
from West Yorkshire, said.

And to add insult to injury, some thank you cards provided for the
couple to give to guests had both of their names spelt incorrectly.

"Thank you - Slyvia & Mark," the cards read.

This is despite the Days spending days going to 11 wedding fairs in
the hope they would find the perfect service for their big day.

They later sued Mr Bowers for the shoddy service.

Deputy District Judge Keith Nightingale found in favour of the Days
at Pontefract county court, ruling the work "woefully inadequate".

He ordered the photographer to reimburse £500 and pay £450 damages, £170 court fees and £100 compensation.

And note the spelling of the names..should read Sylvia and Marc.

Ta TW for the sig.
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PostSubject: Re: Bride And Gloom: Worst Wedding Photos Ever?   Tue Oct 06, 2009 9:29 am


This has to be a piss take
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Bride And Gloom: Worst Wedding Photos Ever?
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