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 BBC's Criminal Justice. Series 2.

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PostSubject: BBC's Criminal Justice. Series 2.   Sun Oct 11, 2009 8:55 am

Criminal Justice, Series 2

Juliet Miller's life is turned upside down forever after an incident that leaves her family fighting for life, love and survival.

Was on every day at 9pm last week. Absolutely riveting gritty drama about abused women. Sat and watched it all yesterday afternoon from start to finish, 5 hours of me not moving very far from the sofa.

Even 'im indoors spent more time watching it than doing whatever he was on the PC.

As for the character DI Sexton, 'im indoors wanted to give him a right slap. Must admit he got my feathers ruffled.

If you get the chance to watch it, do. Very gritty and dark.
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BBC's Criminal Justice. Series 2.
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