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 The Force (C4 tonight)

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PostSubject: The Force (C4 tonight)   Tue Oct 27, 2009 3:01 am

3rd episode is on C4 at 9 tonight.

Really 'enjoying' this fly on the wall docu, kind of like a real life CSI / Law & Order type thing.

Quote :
Episode 1

A woman's body, burned beyond all recognition, is discovered lying in a cornfield on an idyllic summer's day. Two
days into the case, Hampshire Constabulary know their victim has been
strangled, her body carried in a suitcase to a field near a tiny
Hampshire village, and then set alight; but not who she or who her
killer is. House-to-house inquiries unearth a witness who's
seen a battered Vauxhall being driven slowly around the crime scene,
the day before the killing. The offender profilers advise that whoever
chose that lonely spot had done so because he knew the area, and a
database search of car registrations throws up four names, one of them
with a Hampshire bank account. The chase is on, and as the case
unfolds it presents an extraordinary snapshot of Britain in the 21st
century - the passions and divisions hidden beneath the placid surface
of middle England - and a unique insight into the fragility of modern

Quote :
Episode 2

This episode follows the work of a specialist rape unit in
Portsmouth, the first dedicated unit to be established outside London;
in other parts of the country rape is bundled in with other crimes and
conviction rates can be as low as five per cent. Rape is a
uniquely difficult crime to solve. It often takes place behind closed
doors with no corroborating evidence, and no outside witnesses: all too
often it boils down to one person's word against another's. Can Crystal - a unit of dedicated officers - make a difference?

Tonights is about a suspectd arson in which someone dies. Give it a go if you like this kind of thing
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PostSubject: Re: The Force (C4 tonight)   Tue Oct 27, 2009 3:49 am

The Mrs has been watching it........its right up her street...

She says its v good too.............

Ta TW for the sig.
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The Force (C4 tonight)
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