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PostSubject: rape   Thu Nov 26, 2009 12:02 pm

Three women kidnapped an 18-year-old man in Chitungwiza and forced him
to be intimate with one of them at a cathedral in Harare’s city centre
on Tuesday,

On Tuesday, the man’s employer sent him on an errand to Makoni Shopping Centre

As he made his way to the bustling shopping centre at around 3pm, a
cream Toyota Corolla suddenly pulled beside him, three women got out
and bundled him into the vehicle before driving to Harare’s Roman
Catholic Cathedral along Fourth Street where they locked him in a room.

At around 8pm, one of the women returned and forced the man to be intimate with her, sources say.

Afterwards, it is alleged the daring woman phoned the wife of the man’s
employer and told her that the victim was safe and they should not
worry about his whereabouts.

The following morning at around 7am, the three women forced the young
man into their vehicle and drove to Machipisa Shopping Centre where
they dumped him.

The man made a report at Machipisa Police Station. No arrests had been made and police were hunting for the suspects.

Harare provincial police spokesperson Inspector James Sabau, confirmed the incident and said investigations were in progress.


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PostSubject: Re: rape   Sat Nov 28, 2009 2:21 am

I suppose i need to see what these women looked like before i either mock or console the guy
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PostSubject: Re: rape   Thu Dec 03, 2009 4:13 am

Peculiar that when rape is mentioned, it is assumed it is a woman who has been raped. Whereas there are a few cases of women raping men. There are more cases of men raping men, than of women raping men. In the case of the latter two; the victim is treated as some form of parody.

That also applies to domestic violence, a woman beating on her husband, it is the husband that suffers twice the humiliation, from the beating and then as a result of reporting it.

Why do you think this is?
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PostSubject: Re: rape   

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