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 Lawyers target thousands of 'illegal' file-sharers

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PostSubject: Re: Lawyers target thousands of 'illegal' file-sharers   Mon Nov 30, 2009 3:06 pm

I read somewhere, that the sharks target those who appear to be paupers and leave alone those who appear affulent. I think a case in hand was the Harvard college USA was known to have several pirates. None were prosecuted or warned. But those in less affulent colleges were.

Made me think that the sharks are taking on those they think won't have the funds to fight back. Antoher thing that if somebody did fight back how much of a legal foothold is there really for these sharks to stand on.

Bullying is the name of their game too. I am pretty sure such threatening behaviour is illegal, as is intimidation that they use to frighten those, less affulent folk.

If you want to read the bill it is here. Digital bill
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Lawyers target thousands of 'illegal' file-sharers
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