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 Shock: Big Sam doesn't like Rafa

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PostSubject: Shock: Big Sam doesn't like Rafa   Shock: Big Sam doesn't like Rafa Icon_minitimeThu Mar 11, 2010 12:18 pm

Blackburn boss Sam Allardyce has reignited his war of words with Rafael Benitez, admitting he 'doesn't like' the Liverpool chief.

The pair have never seen eye-to-eye and their latest verbal exchange through the media saw Benitez criticise Blackburn's style of play following Liverpool's 2-0 home win against Rovers last month.

Allardyce admits he relishes playing mind-games in a bid to outwit his rival Premier League managers and he has often got the better of Arsenal's Arsene Wenger.

The former Bolton and Newcastle boss felt his latest row with Benitez drew attention away from what was an encouraging display by his side, though, after putting themselves on the verge of another season in the top-flight with back-to-back wins over Hull and Bolton.

And although old adversaries Sir Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho would famously share a post-match bottle of wine while they mulled over their latest clash, Allardyce insisted he does nothing of the sort with Benitez.

"He's always got personal with it for many, many years now, that's why I don't like him," he told Sky Sports News.

"The feeling's probably mutual but I don't get personal with him. I get into him, and under his skin, but that's all part of the game, is it not?

"The great shame is we didn't get a result - whether he becomes personal after that, there's very little I can do about it.


"The outstanding performance we gave at Liverpool was obviously overshadowed by a bit of tit-for-tat between me and Rafa, which will be the order of the day, no doubt, until one of us isn't managing in the Premier League any more.

"I've always managed to psyche out one or two here and there, and that's the way the Premier League has evolved over the last few years.

"If you have a go at it and it rebounds on you then you'll get criticised, but if it works, that's fine."

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Shock: Big Sam doesn't like Rafa
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