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 Apple Calls News Briefing On iPhone 4

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Apple Calls News Briefing On iPhone 4 Empty
PostSubject: Apple Calls News Briefing On iPhone 4   Apple Calls News Briefing On iPhone 4 Icon_minitimeThu Jul 15, 2010 5:21 pm

Apple has announced a special press conference about its problematic
iPhone 4 prompting speculation of a recall.
Holding Apple's new iPhone 4
Apple fans take pictures of themselves after buying the new iPhone 4
An Apple spokesman declined to give further details, including whether
the conference will address the new model's reception problems.
But Apple watchers say they believe that the company will offer a
"Given the intense pressure and scrutiny Apple has come under on the
problem with the iPhone 4, it's going to be about some kind of fix or
compensation for the owners of the phone," said Ed Snyder, an analyst
with Charter Equity Research.
Apple launched the phone last month to great fanfare as it boasted of a
design that put the antenna in a stainless steel band around the phone's
Apple fans wait in line to become the first owners of the iPhone 4
An Apple devotee waits to become one of the first people to own an
iPhone 4
But it has been plagued with user complaints about dropped calls when
the phone is held in a way that covers part of the antenna.
Antenna-design experts have said that the phone design, while
cutting-edge, was risky because it exposes the antenna to touch.
What started out as a small number of users complaining about reception
has now ballooned into a full-scale public-relations issue.
Critics say Apple has created a public relations headache for itself by
appearing to dismiss or ignore the problem, allowing a minor issue to be
turned into headline news.
End of discussion – Apple will not recall their phones because I and
every management accountant in their head office says so, it will simply
be too expensive.
On Monday America's Consumer Reports magazine - America's equivalent to
Which? - said it could not recommend the iPhone 4 and suggested it had a
hardware defect.
It was the first time the product-quality watchdog failed to recommend
an Apple phone.
A recall of the device is unlikely, because the problem does not affect
safety and only occurs for some users in certain situations.
But there are rumours Apple could give away its £19 rubber "bumper"
case, which it believes could solve the reception problem.
The press conference will be held on Friday at 6pm UK time.

always thought they were a load of shit and a rubber case free run out and buy an iphone 4
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Apple Calls News Briefing On iPhone 4
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