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 The Great British Property Scandal

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The Great British Property Scandal Empty
PostSubject: The Great British Property Scandal   The Great British Property Scandal Icon_minitimeWed Dec 14, 2011 4:17 pm


Tell us what's happening in your area

We have been absolutely thrilled by all the support that has flooded in since The Great British Property Scandal went out on Channel 4 last week. If you missed it, you can still catch it on 4oD. And not only have we already exceeded the 100,000 sign ups milestone for the campaign, but best of all it was achieved in less than a week

The support that we’ve received so far has been overwhelming, and best of all has been reading all of your messages of encouragement, seeing your offers of help and volunteering of services, and hearing about stories from your local area. It’s taking us a while to read everything that’s coming through, but we appreciate all the support we’ve had so far so keep it coming.

Don’t forget, you can keep us updated with what’s happening near you by going to the news pages and typing in your postcode. That then takes you through to our local pages, where there’s all sorts of information available to you – how many empty homes in your area, contact details for your local council, and links to organisations near you who can provide housing help. There is also the option to submit local stories, and this is where we want to hear from you about things that are happening where you live.

Whether you know of empty homes work being carried out by your Council, or of groups operating in your area, let us know by submitting your story. Provide as many details as you can, and a web-link if appropriate, and we’ll try to publish as many as possible.

We’ve already started putting your stories online, and this week we heard about a scheme in Buxton, Derbyshire, where almost £1million is being invested to bring empty properties back into use.

By letting others in your community know about the empty homes work going on near them you can help spread the message of the campaign. We’re hoping to create a hub of local housing interest, so keep checking back to see what’s going on where you are.

You can check your area for empty homes, report them sign the petition etc. There are enough empty homes, some in ruin that can house the 1million Bristish people in need of housing.
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The Great British Property Scandal Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Great British Property Scandal   The Great British Property Scandal Icon_minitimeThu Dec 15, 2011 5:42 pm

Empty homes world wide. A lot more homeless now the banks and global wallets are bankrupt. I offered once to take on an old rundown house. I might as well have asked for the entry code to the bank vaults. Nobody interested in it, nobody interested in giving you or anybody else it either.
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The Great British Property Scandal
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